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147 miles non stop in 40 hours in WINTER........the 7th and 10 year anniversary edition of the Viking Way Ultra..... 3/4th Dec 2022.


The Winter Edition Viking Way Ultra is an extreme non-stop 147 mile ultra-marathon that starts in the shadow of the Humber Bridge, from COCKBAIN EVENTS LTD.

The route then winds its way through beautiful historic countryside across the Lincolnshire wolds and down towards the finish at Oakham near the banks of Rutland Water.

It is named the Viking Way because of the strong influence of Viking settlements and Viking trade routes in the east of England.








I wanted a route/race that will combine a few classic ultra elements to give a 'extremely hard to achieve' challenge


The distance of the new re-opened route is 147 miles (almost 6 back to back marathons)


It is a very runable well marked route, but its not flat, with 2,295m of ascent


This is a non-stop race with the distance to be completed within 40 hours


Although the route is well marked you must have basic navigation/map reading skills especially during the night


Checkpoints will be approx every 15-20 miles to supply you with the 'basics'


This race is designed to suit experienced ultra runners with self sufficiency and non-stop experience


There will be cut-off times at 50 and 100 miles









147 miles non-stop

humber bridge
viking way profile


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