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Runners must wear their numbers at all times on the front and give their number to CP staff on arrival.


Anyone caught littering the route will be disqualified.


All runners must follow the country code and leave all gates closed behind them and respect other members of the public on route. It is a popular route with ramblers and cyclists.


Runners must only follow the route shown on the maps provided. All routes are indicated by a yellow Viking Way symbol. All other byway signs should be ignored. Any runner seen or thought to have taken a short cut from the route will be disqualified. (you are only cheating yourself!)


No crews are allowed. (spectators allowed..handy for transporting you if/when you drop out)


No pacers are allowed.


All the route must be covered on foot only.


If a runner gets lost he or she should backtrack to the last Viking Way marker and try again.


If you need to retire from the race you must inform the Race Director or CP staff. It is then YOUR responsibility to arrange your own transport to wherever you need to go. It may be possible for CP staff to help you reach public transport, but you may have to wait for some time, especially during the night section. Note that you may not be able to retrive your drop bag until the end of the race or until a convenient point.


There will be no medical support during the race. If you are injured but can walk then please contact the emergency number on your race number and try to reach your nearest CP or village and we will try and help you with local hospital information. For all serious medical issues you should call 999 immediately.


By entering the race you agree to be photographed during the race, with the images used as part of the Viking Way Ultra website or other promotional material for the race.


Cut-off times will be strictly enforced and runners should retire if they fail to meet a cut-off. Those who wish to carry on can of course do so, but without a number and will no longer be part of the race. (theres always next time!)


This is a low key 'fun' event for experienced ultra-runners only. However, it will be extremely difficult to finish, and participants must be aware of the risks involved in ultra-running and the potential hazzards that could arise. They should be aware of their surroundings at all times and take care when crossing roads. The organisers accept no responsibility for the personal safety of the participants, any injury or the loss of any personal items and it is advised that runners take out their own personal insurance if they have concerns.

You must be aware that you enter this race AT YOUR OWN RISK. 


We will email you maps but we also recommend the following: Maps Ordnance Survey Explorer 234, 247, 272, 273, 281 and 282


GPS co-ordinates must not be used as there are too many variations. Use the supplied maps and route only. GPS should be used as a distance/speed guide only.










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